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A-Turf Stands Behind the Safety of its Fields

Thank you for turning to A-Turf to better understand the facts regarding the recent media coverage pertaining to the safety of synthetic grass turf. A-Turf is in no way connected with the fields in question. But, because certain sound bites, headlines and images used by the media to report a story sometimes leads to misinformation and premature conclusions, we feel it is important to be very clear about the facts. A-Turf, a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, is committed to providing safe, environmentally friendly surfaces for our clients nationwide. We appreciate this opportunity to share a few facts about A-Turf and the synthetic turf industry.

A-Turf is a member of the synthetic Turf Council, which represents the U.S. synthetic turf industry. We encourage to read more on this topic by visiting the Synthetic Turf Council’s website at www.syntheticturfcouncil.org. For specific questions pertaining to A-Turf’s safety record please contact A-Turf directly at 888-777-6910

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