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National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA)

Contract# 082114-CTP

Category: Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, Ice Arenas & Event Seating

NJPA contracts save considerable time and money as part of a federal purchasing program, which is AVAILABLE TO ALL PUBLIC ENTITIES – from schools to park districts. NJPA members purchase products and services at a reduced cost through contracts without duplicating their own competitive bidding process and requirements. Buy value from the company you prefer at competitive bid-level prices. It takes only minutes to complete a no-cost, no-obligation, no-liability membership.

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General Services Administration (GSA)

A-Turf and its sister company, Surface America, are contract holders with the U.S. General Services Administration. Through the GSA Advantage® online program, federal agencies can compare artificial turf purchasing programs and purchase A-Turf systems without going through the tedious and time-consuming bid process. A-Turf systems are included in Surface America’s GSA contract number: GS-03F-0028X.

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California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)

A-Turf and its sister company, Surface America, are approved contractors with the California Multiple Award Schedule. Through the CMAS, state and local agencies can compare products and prices, and purchase A-Turf systems that CMAS deems “fair, reasonable and competitive.” A-Turf systems are included in Surface America’s CMAS contract number: 4-11-78-0059A.

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