ShockPad installation over the base and under the turf Two lifecycles: new turf after 15 seasons over the original ShockPad


An optional ShockPad gives A-Turf systems the best safety rating, replicating perfectly-conditioned natural grass with the industry’s ideal G-Max rating for the life of the field.

ECORE’s prefabricated ShockPad provides superior consistency of density, thickness, and resilience. When used with a plush A-Turf system, it provides the most natural and playable shock absorption in the industry – over the life of the surface. It’s been in use in the United States and Europe for so many years that it is proving to have a 25+ year expected life so it can be reused when a new synthetic turf system is installed. It extends the turf life by reducing friction and wear, and gives the athletes the best protection and greatest ability to perform.

Important features of the ShockPad:

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