9-Field Complex at Niagara Falls High School with artificial grass
In the world of A-Turf synthetics, we don’t differentiate between the turf system designs for the high school athletes and those who get paid to play.

Young athletes still have physical development and sport-specific discipline on the horizon. And when playing on A-Turf, they have achieved the pinnacle of synthetic turf performance – exactly the same as the NCAA and NFL athletes they aspire to become.

A-Turf® Titan fields come with a 12-year warranty. Learn About A-Turf® Titan
Our A-Turf® Titan system is plusher than any other turf surface and provides more consistent footing, better traction release, and truer ball roll and bounce. A-Turf® Titan with a ShockPad maintains the synthetic turf industry’s best safety rating throughout the field’s life.

A-Turf Titan at Sahuarita High School Stadium in Arizona Sahuarita High School Sahuarita, AZ
Walkill Central School District’s 79,215 s.f. A-Turf® Titan multi-sport field was installed in 2016. Walkill High School Walkill, NY
A-Turf on two field complex at Grand Haven High School in Michigan Grand Haven High School Grand Haven, MI
Phoenixville Area School District’s A-Turf® multi-sport and softball fields were installed in 2016. Phoenixville High School Phoenixville, PA
Saint Francis High School’s 98,000 s.f. A-Turf® multi-sport field was installed in 2015. Saint Francis High School Athol Springs, NY
artificial grass soccer field POTTSGROVE HIGH SCHOOL Pottstown, PA
Chartiers Valley’s 82,000 s.f. A-Turf® Premier XP multi-sport field was installed in 2016. Chartiers Valley High School Pittsburgh, PA
Niagara Falls Sports Complex, featuring 9 A-Turf fields and 711,000 s.f., was installed in 2015. Niagara Falls High School Niagara Falls, NY
Notre Dame High School’s 83,000 s.f. A-Turf® Titan multi-sport field was installed in 2014. Notre Dame High School Elmira, NY


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