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A-Turf Builds A Dream Field

Los Angeles, CA – The words Play Ball will have new meaning this Fall as children go to bat at Seoul International Park in Los Angeles. In fact, you could say, the whole experience will look and feel like a dream “¦ a Dodgers Dream Field to be exact. The natural grass and dirt are gone. So are the worries over inclement weather, dry conditions and field maintenance. The focus now is on having fun. That’s because Seoul International Park holds bragging rights to an all-weather, state-of-the-art synthetic A-Turf field. Designed for multi-use, the new field will get the most action from the youth baseball program. Whether it’s the resilience needed for soccer or the natural ball bounce expected for baseball and softball, A-Turf systems meet the high performance demands needed to create a superior playing surface. Understanding the various sports and the expectations of both players and coaches help A-Turf deliver outstanding fields every time. A-Turf Latest News image Back to News & Blog »