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Artificial Turf Ready by August at Northview

Plainfield Township, MI – Northview’s football field should have new artificial turf by the time the pigskin flies this fall. The Board of Education awarded a $600,166 contract to Dykema Excavators to perform the work, which will start immediately. A-Turf will provide the turf for the project, which is expected to be completed by Aug. 1. A state glitch delayed the bid process slightly. The district must submit requests for proposals to a state Web site. Northview’s project inadvertently was listed under the Northville district, near Detroit, causing a slight delay. John Zielinski, Northview’s assistant superintendent of finance and operations, said this is not the first time that the district’s work has been accidentally filed under Northville. The first step for Dykema Excavators will be to construct a bridge over the track so that the heavy trucks won’t damage the running surface. Athletic director Robert Dailey said all remaining track meets for the season were scheduled to be away and that other districts have offered to provide training facilities for the sprinters, hurdlers and other athletes who use the track. Until the project is completed, the public will be unable to use the track. The new surface means soccer — as well as lacrosse should Northview eventually establish a team — can be played on the field, Zielinski said. “I think it’s going to be a real source of pride for the community,” said Superintendent Michael Stearns. Board members said a funding plan should be set up because the turf will need to be replaced in 12 to 15 years. The district is using building and site fund dollars for the project.

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