Clarence, two more area schools to transition to turf

After years of convening special tasks forces and weighing the pros and cons of public opinion regarding synthetic turf, three of Western New York’s school districts are preparing to add A-Turf athletic turf systems to their athletic facilities.

Clarence, Williamsville North, and Kenmore East High Schools have all selected A-Turf’s Titan System, the same system installed at the Buffalo Bills’ Ralph Wilson Stadium. Site work is underway at Williamsville North, with work at Clarence, and Sparky Adams Field, home to the Kenmore East Bulldogs, expected to start soon. Turf installation on all three projects is slated for the summer months.

The three schools join the growing list of schools in the region to shift from natural grass to A-Turf. To date, more than 25 high schools and colleges in Western New York play on an A-Turf synthetic turf system. For many, the decision came after evaluating the return on investment and the longevity it delivers.

“When a school district invests in a high quality synthetic turf playing system, such as the Titan, it’s important to consider both the fantastic volume of use these fields get, and the significant number of years they last. The value equation is complete when these factors are appropriately considered. The A-Turf Titan System, in particular, is known for its outstanding playability for a minimum of 12 years,” said Jim Dobmeier, president and founder of A-Turf in a recent press release.

Renowned HersheyPark, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, recently installed its second A-Turf field in its stadium after a 13-year run, with a field warrantied for eight years. The first field there was built in 2003 and just replaced this spring.

In addition to the ShockPad, which is placed over the crushed stone base and below the carpet, and yields shock absorption similar to perfectly conditioned natural grass for the life of the system, A-Turf stresses the proper amount of infill to keep the fibers upright when played on, rather than laying flat. This design not only improves traction for the player, it also extends the life of the fibers.

At Williamsville North, the 260,000 square foot contiguous field – the equivalent of three typical fields – will be used for soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, football, softball and physical education. Clarence’s 306,000 square foot project will see play from the same sports, plus baseball. Kenmore East’s Sparky Adams Field, named after the legendary coach, will feature 93,000 square feet of the plush, durable A-Turf Titan surface marked for football, soccer and field hockey.

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