Game On! New A-Turf Titan at McDonogh School Proves its Worth

Cheektowaga, NY (November 2011) – With the fall sports season coming to a close, McDonogh School is adding up its return on investment. Located in Owing Mills, Maryland, the private school is among the most recent schools to install A-Turf Titan, the preeminent synthetic turf system on the market. The Titan is backed by the industry’s longest warranty – 12 years! – and features the best combination of technology and craftsmanship available.

A-Turf, a national synthetic turf field builder, installed the new 89,200 sq. ft., multi-sport playing field as part of school’s overall campus improvement project. Designed with rubber and sand infill mix and a 10 mm ShockPad, the field delivers consistent playability, ideal shock absorption and superior durability. The new field is used for field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.

“Even though field hockey is our primary sport for this field, we needed a multi-purpose field,” explains Matt MacMullan, Co-Director of Athletics at McDonogh. “We needed a turf that would give us a really fast ball roll for field hockey, but also give us the control needed for soccer. Our soccer coaches say this is the best synthetic turf field they have ever played on.”

With blended premium Monofilament and XP fibers, this dual fiber construction offers the best of both worlds – aesthetics and performance – creating the plushest and toughest turf surface on the market. A-Turf’s dense fiber construction, combined with ideal infill volume and grade, provides the perfect balance of traction and foot release.

“The fact that A-Turf offers a 12-year warranty shows the faith they have in their product. Most of the other companies only offer eight years,” says MacMullan. “It was really important because a synthetic turf field is a huge investment and we needed to have confidence that our field would be there longer than five or six years.”

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