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High Five For J Serra Catholic

San Juan Capistrano, CA – Athletes at Junipero Serra High School in San Juan Capistrano, California, have not one, but five legs up on the competition starting this fall. And while change usually filters from the top down, this transformation is coming from the ground up – literally. That’s because the school has spent the last year focused on improving its athletic fields for baseball, softball and football. Over the last nine months, the school has replaced more than 433,000 sq. ft. of natural grass fields with all-weather, state-of-the-art A-Turfâ„¢ synthetic grass. J Serra now holds bragging rights as one of the first schools in Southern California to install five synthetic fields – four designed for softball and baseball and a fifth for football. Whether it’s the resilience needed for football or the natural ball bounce expected for baseball and softball, A-Turf systems meet the high performance demands needed to create a superior playing surface. Understanding the various sports and the expectations of both players and coaches helps A-Turf deliver outstanding fields every time. “Our goal is to create a surface as close to natural grass as possible,” said Jim Dobmeier, President of A-Turf. “In fact, a big difference between A-Turf and other synthetic grass manufacturers is the amount of infill movement or “spray” as athletes perform. A-Turf has virtually no “spray” because of superior fiber density” That’s important because the less infill movement the more consistent the surface. A-Turf systems have the most fiber strands per square yard – a claim no other synthetic grass manufacturer can make. More fiber strands, which result from a narrower distance between rows and a closer distance between stitches, means less movement of the infill components. And, that means a better playing surface. Designed with a denser construction of polyethylene fibers, A-Turf uses a high level of specialized rubber and sand infill to increase playability and lower the G-MAX rating. The lower the G-MAX rating, the greater the shock absorption and less impact to the athlete. In addition, the five new A-Turf fields are virtually unaffected by adverse weather conditions eliminating the need for rain delays or postponements. And when it comes to maintenance, little is needed to keep the field in prime playing condition. A-Turf, sister company of Surface America, is headquartered in Cheektowaga, NY. Since 1993, Surface America has developed, marketed and installed a variety of surfacing systems for playgrounds, gymnasiums and fitness flooring applications, and sports venues.

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