NY Jets Move Scrimmage to A-Turf Field

CORTLAND, N.Y. — The 2009 and 2010 intrasquad scrimmages at SUNY Cortland were held on a grass field, but the Jets are moving Saturday night’s Green and White scrimmage to the school’s 6,500-seat stadium to accommodate a larger-than-usual crowd. Tebow-Mania, baby.

But the stadium field is synthetic turf — the name brand is A-Turf — and some coaches get queasy about playing on turf because they believe there’s a greater injury risk. Rex Ryan said he’s not concerned.

“I hope there’s a large crowd, I really do, but the turf is a brand-new turf and it’s in great condition,” he said of the year-old surface. “I was like, ‘We might as well do it here.’ The surface is great. No matter what the weather is, we’ve already got things set up.

“Will it be more accommodating to the fans? It absolutely will be, but if there was a greater chance of injury on this turf as compared to grass, we’d be on grass.”

The Jets have held six practices, and all six took place on the grass field.

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