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Replacing Turf Systems Many Years Down the Road

You made the excellent choice of investing in synthetic turf many years ago, but what happens down the road? By now the community can agree that your turf is so durable and has required such little maintenance that it has been well worth the investment. However, there’s no arguing that every turf system will eventually need to be replaced — no matter the quality of the material or the level of the installation craftmanship. In this blog, we examine the frequently asked questions about turf replacements and why A-Turf is the best choice for the job.

How long does artificial grass last?

The industry’s average life of synthetic turf is between 8 and 10 years and often the last couple years are problematic. Of course, there are many factors that go into determining that life span, such as the quality of the materials, the amount of wear and tear the field is exposed to, how well it is maintained, and the craftsmanship of the original installation.

At A-Turf, we are proud that our turf systems last far longer than the industry average – 14+ years! Because of our superior systems, our generous system specifications, our quality installation crews, and our professional site construction and inspection, we are able to offer the industry-leading lifecycle for our turf systems. In fact, A-Turf has a number of fields that were installed over 12 years ago that are still in excellent shape.

What happens with the old turf? Can any of it be reused?

Existing A-Turf field installations are commonly still in such good condition even after a long and useful life that some of the turf is reused at community recreation locations nearby.

Plus, A-Turf offers the R-THREE Program for our turf replacement process:

  1. REMOVE the existing field systematically with equipment engineered for the job.
  2. REUSE components of the existing field both within the new field and in other unrelated, productive applications.
  3. REDUCE components that cannot be reused to minimum size and most convenient form for highly efficient disposal.

Can A-Turf replace a turf system that was installed by a competitor?

White Plains FieldAbsolutely! A-Turf has been replacing synthetic turf fields built by competitors for 20 years and replacing them with superior A-Turf  systems. One recent example is White Plains City School District in White Plains, New York. Their existing turf fields for both their Middle School and their High School were showing significant wear and tear. They did their research and heard about the A-Turf TitanÒ system. They contacted us to replace their fields with A-Turf. Both were installed in 2020. Their Athletic Director is thrilled that their new multi-purpose fields will last at least 14 years!

A-Turf stands behind its industry best-quality  systems and expert installation. Players rave about the high-performance play of the field, and owners greatly value the extended warranty coverage!

For more information on why A-Turf is the best choice for your new turf field or your replacement field, contact us today.

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