Saints Give A-Turf Another Go

Alexandria, VA – The grass is always greener. That’s what football athletes will be saying as they step onto the gridiron at St. Stephens and St. Agnes this fall.

For a second straight year, the Upper School has turned to A-Turf to transform a natural grass field into an all-weather state-of-the-art synthetic playing surface. The new 77,124 sq. ft. field is designed with the same type of surface installed last year for soccer and lacrosse.

The new field offers increased playability and unmatched footing for athletes. Using natural grass as its model, A-Turf fields consist of a denser construction of polyethylene fibers and a high level of specialized rubber and sand or all-rubber infill to increase playability and lower the G-MAX rating. The lower the G-MAX rating, the greater the shock absorption and less impact to the athlete.

In fact, A-Turf systems have the most fiber strands per square yard – a claim no other synthetic grass manufacturer can make. An increased amount of fibers means less movement of the infill components, resulting in greater consistency and durability.

In addition, the new A-Turf field is virtually unaffected by adverse weather conditions eliminating the need for rain delays or postponements. And when it comes to maintenance, little is needed to keep the field in prime playing condition.

A-Turf, sister company of Surface America, is headquartered in Cheektowaga, NY. Since 1993 Surface America has developed, marketed and installed surfacing systems for playgrounds, gymnasiums and fitness flooring applications, and sports venues.

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