How to Choose the Best Turf System for Your Athletic Field Project

A number of factors have contributed to the growth of athletic turf fields in recent years, with many high schools, colleges and universities, pro sports teams, and parks and community facilities opting for synthetic turf as a reliable and sustainable solution for their athletic field needs.

So what are the top reasons for the growing popularity of turf fields over natural grass fields?

All-Weather Playability

Synthetic turf fields withstand adverse weather conditions, unlike natural grass fields which often become muddy and unplayable after heavy rain. Turf fields can drain quickly and provide consistent play even in the wettest conditions.

Extended Play Times

Natural grass fields need rest and recovery, maintenance, and rejuvenation to prevent damage from overuse. Turf fields hold up to extended playing hours and continuous use – allowing for more practices, games, and other events all on the same surface.

Cost and Maintenance

While turf fields require a larger initial investment, they provide far-lower long-term maintenance costs – with no mowing, no water, and no use of fertilizers and pesticides.

New Turf Technologies

Advancements in turf technologies have led to the development of many new types of high-performance synthetic turf systems. Modern turf fields are designed to mimic the playing characteristics of natural grass in pristine condition while offering much better drainage, outstanding durability, and ideal shock absorption.

Considerations When Deciding on a New Turf System

If you’re in the market for a new turf system, there are many important points to consider. Working with a reputable turf field builder is critically important, as they’ll have the proven products and the necessary experience to help you make the most informed decision for your needs.

Here are 6 important considerations when deciding on the most suitable turf system for your next project.

Performance Requirements

Choose a system that meets fundamental demands such as traction, ball rolls, shock absorption, and player comfort. As a facility owner, talk with your coaches, athletes, and sports associations to ensure characteristics of your new turf system meet these fundamentals.


Athletic fields experience consistently heavy use, making durability a critical characteristic. Look for turf options that can stand up to heavy foot traffic, will resist wear and tear, and remain consistent 24/7 all year round. The specific composition of materials used in the turf will contribute to the longevity and resilience of your system.

Player Safety

Player safety is a top priority for turf fields. Choose a system that offers ideal shock absorption to minimize the risk of player injuries, as well as a turf system with an excellent balance of traction and foot release.


Be sure to know the maintenance guidelines. While they are minimal, they are important.


Excellent drainage capabilities to ensure efficient water removal from the turf playing surface is a must.

Environmental Factors

Think about the environmental impact of the turf systems you’re considering. Work with a field builder with a recycling program. Learn more about A-Turf’s environmental stewardship.

Get Optimal Performance and Value for Your Next Athletic Turf Field

When searching for a synthetic turf company, choose a partner that has a reputation for delivering a superior experience at all levels – product, installation, customer service, and warranty. Best value is key!

A-Turf’s name, history, relationships, and systems all demonstrate an unmatched commitment to excellence when it comes to athletic field building. We’ve built hundreds of turf fields throughout North America – from small playing surfaces at elementary schools to a 10-field, multi-sport complex.

A-Turf systems are known to perform exceptionally well over time, averaging a life span over 14 years – the industry’s best!

Our parent company, Ecore International, produces the industry’s best-performing, resilient ShockPad product. ShockPad has been in use in the U.S. and Europe for so long that it has proven to have a 25+ year life expectancy (more than 2 field life cycles). This means ShockPad can be reused multiple times when a new synthetic turf system is installed.

A-Turf is also recognized as the originator of the 12-year warranty – the industry’s most comprehensive and longest warranty. Learn more about the details of this warranty coverage which is featured with our popular A-Turf Titan product.

How Can A-Turf Help You?

Connect with our team today online or at 888-777-6910. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next turf project and see how we can support your needs.

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