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The Rising Popularity of Soccer

The sport of soccer has an estimated 4.0 billion followers (more than half of the world’s population). It’s also the 2nd highest participation sport in the United States, behind basketball. According to Nielson Sports Sponsorlink, Major League Soccer (MLS) has experienced a 27% rise in interest since 2012. It’s evident that soccer is the most popular sport on our planet today.

As a result, there has been a steady rise of soccer clubs and academies over the recent years and an ever-increasing investment in youth and professional soccer-specific infrastructure across the country. The sport of soccer offers excellent social, physical, and cognitive benefits, especially for the youth: increased self-esteem, friendships, dedication, cooperation, discipline, leadership, communication, and collaboration. Soccer is an entry-level activity, and one of the easiest team activities a child can get into it quickly, which adds to its popularity among young families. For adult soccer lovers, it’s more than a sport — it’s truly a lifestyle.

With the rising popularity of this sport, more and more soccer clubs and academies are building new soccer-specific fields for their players. For example, take a look at the SUSA Academy Soccer Club, which recently completed 4 new, full-size soccer fields for training the club’s 2,000+ members and for hosting the SUSA FC league and Cup matches. It is an excellent example of building community excitement and athletic interest for the sport of soccer.

Soccer is the sport that is most reliant on the playing surface replicating natural grass in pristine condition. It’s imperative that the synthetic turf field provide optimal ball roll, bounce, and surface firmness/stability designed to emulate freshly cut grass in perfect condition, no matter the weather conditions or the amount of use. Without proper ball roll and bounce, the game could be ruined. A-Turf’s Titan S-50 is a superior system designed specifically for soccer and is ideal for ball roll, bounce, and playability. Contact us today to learn more about our soccer system and discuss your next project.

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