A-Turf’s Alternative Rubber Infill Has Proven Durability & Playability, and Familiar Appearance

A-Turf systems can include Ecore A-R, an Alternative-Rubber Infill to SBR crumb rubber. While the EPDM granule looks similar to SBR rubber and its performance characteristics are consistent, it is made of an entirely different material. Produced in North America within a very strict quality control program, Ecore A-R Infill is virgin EPDM material commonly used in automobiles. The high-density granules resist migration, keeping fibers upright and maintaining an overall uniform and stable turf condition.

User & Environmentally Friendly

Ecore A-R material is EPDM EN 71-3, which has passed the same independent tests used for children’s toys. The virgin EPDM rubber is non-toxic. Granules are odorless, will not crumble over time, will not leech into the soil or break down synthetic turf fibers. Ecore A-R Infill is 100% recyclable.

Time-Tested, Field-Proven Material

Among the several A-Turf fields that feature black EPDM are Canisius College and Orchard Park High School, both of which were built in 2008 and are still in prime use.

Canisius Orchard Park

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