football stadium with artificial grass field turf

What Differentiates A-Turf?

Your school’s athletic fields play an important role in your school’s image. And, you want to protect your players and keep your field looking fresh even after heavy use and inclement weather.

When searching for a synthetic turf field builder, you want to make sure you find a company that delivers the greatest value. At A-Turf, we don’t just build fields that look great from the bleachers. We demonstrate excellence at every step of the way. It is our responsibility as the leading athletic field company to champion those goals through our unmatched turf quality, best system specifications, and our superior service.

Best Turf Quality

We use the best quality material components and turf construction. Our proprietary TenCate XP Blade prevents splitting, retains evenness, and lasts longer than any other fiber. A-Turf sources quality materials and the best component suppliers for its systems and all materials are made and assembled in the United States. At A-Turf, we are proud of our tremendous quality control and the consistency of our products.

Best System Specifications

A-Turf is proud to offer the industry’s longest warranty of 12 years because we believe in our product. We offer the most generous material component volumes and installation methodologies. Both the design and the specified material components to build a system are guaranteed to perform extremely well under the constant rigors of play and heavy use.

Best Service Levels

From the first call to a field replacement 14 years later, you can rest assured that A-Turf will be there for you because we have a steadfast commitment to excellence in everything we do. Field building is a complex construction process, and having thorough, proactive Project Management is where A-Turf truly shines. We are honored to maintain ongoing relationships with our clients long after a project is complete.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say here. Then, contact us to learn more about A-Turf’s exceptional value.

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