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Lee M. Thurston High School

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Location: Redford, MI
Surface System Used: A-Turf Premier D over Schmitz ProPlay Pad
Completion: July 2021


The South Redford School District, located in Redford, MI, was on a search for a company to replace their turf field at the Lee M. Thurston High School. Their existing turf system was old and in need of replacement, and at the same time within the scope of the project was the enhancement of the drainage capabilities of the crushed stone base.

A-Turf was awarded the project because of our excellent communication, reputation with site construction, and superior installation craftmanship.

Unique Project Features

A-Turf worked closely with S&H Excavation and the Construction Manager to identify and provide corrective measures to the existing base to maximize the drainage and longevity of the existing base. Once the base issues were resolved, we installed our A-Turf Premier D System utilizing a dual TenCate Fiber in each tuft at 44 ounces with a 2.00” pile height filled with SBR.

This project was an excellent example of teamwork as we worked with various subcontractors to ensure accuracy and safety for the players. The end result is a beautiful new turf field that is sure to provide great seasons of play for the Thurston Eagles!

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