manheim central artificial turf football field

Manheim Central School District Field Replacement

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Location: Manheim, PA
Surface System Used: A-Turf Titan-RS (2” 46 oz.)
Completion: January 2020


Here’s a Pennsylvania story that will resonate anywhere. Manheim Central is a small school district nestled in Lancaster County. It’s home to many undefeated Manheim Barons football teams and was runner-up at multiple state championships.

Back in 2006, the school district decided to make the switch from natural grass to synthetic turf based on a commitment to provide even better performance for their various athletic teams. After extensive research, they chose A-Turf to build their new multipurpose turf field.

Fast-forward to the end of 2019, and Manheim Central is ready for a field replacement. Because of the terrific longevity – 14 trouble-free seasons – along with outstanding service levels from beginning to end, A-Turf was proudly selected for the replacement field. Manheim Central had been so impressed with the durability and low maintenance needed for their Titan system that this choice was a no-brainer for them.

In early 2020, the replacement field was completed. The original field was removed and discarded, the stone base was laser graded, and the original ShockPad system was re-used.

Unique Project Features

In addition to getting an excellent field with an extended warranty, Manheim Central took advantage of the PA COSTARS Co-Op Purchasing Program, which allowed them to get a low-bid price without the hassle and challenges of the low-bid process.

We are so pleased that Manheim Central School District trusted us for their 2nd generation A-Turf system. Nothing says pride like a new athletic field for this incredible school district, and we are so happy to be a part of it. Go Barons!

Aerial photo of original field in 2006

Original field – 2006
Aerial photo of replacement field in 2020

Replacement field – 2020
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