Wallkill High School A-Turf Titan Multi-Sport artificial grass field

The bottom line is having a field that reduces the number and severity of injuries, especially concussions from surface impact, looks and feels like plush, well-conditioned natural grass, has infill that stays in place when athletes are in action, remains unaffected by heavy use, plays perfectly in all weather conditions, requires minimal upkeep, and lasts a generation. A-Turf® Titan is all that.

What makes A-Turf® Titan the best & safest system?

The fiber types.

A-Turf exclusively utilizes fiber blades specifically developed to prevent splitting, so it lasts longer than any other slit fiber. It twists when played on rather than lying flat so it retains its evenness, serving as the perfect complement to the monofilament fiber. Its shape retains the natural grass look but with far-superior durability, and you have a fiber with unmatched memory (retains its upright position longer than other mono fiber) and exceptional split resistance. Plus, its shape and construction significantly reduce glare.

The blended fibers & turf construction.

Some people want the performance and durability attributes of the slit fiber, while others want the natural look of the monofilament fiber. A-Turf uses the dual fiber Titan system that delivers both. They are tufted into the same stitch giving the surface an amazingly plush look. The dense carpet holds infill in place better, reducing infill movement during play. The fibers are well rooted into the super-durable primary and secondary backings.

The shock-absorbing underlayment.

While the A-Turf® Titan surface feels and plays “firm & fast,” it delivers the best safety rating and parallels perfectly-conditioned natural grass. In the athletic field industry, impact testing measures the shock-attenuation performance of the playing surface. Test results are indicated as G-Max ratings. The higher the G-Max, the poorer the shock-attenuation performance of the surface and the greater the likelihood the fall will result in injury… especially concussions. A-Turf® Titan systems that include a rolled ShockPad or poured e-layer have the industry’s lowest G-Max rating throughout the system’s life, making it the safest synthetic turf playing system on the market. The ECORE ShockPad has been in use in the US and Europe for so many years that it is proving to have a 25+ year expected life (more than two field life cycles), so it can be reused when a new synthetic turf system is installed.

The infill.

We are very particular about the cleanliness, size and shape of the infill we use. A-Turf uses the cleanest SBR crumb rubber on the market. Silica sand is uniformly-sized and rounded or sub-angular, so it’s non-abrasive to athletes and fibers, and prevents compaction that leads to hardening of the surfacing system. We can use any synthetic or organic infill material in our systems, but strongly advocate a rubber & sand mixture as it provides the perfect balance of shock absorption and firmness. Rubber & sand infill are also significantly more economical than alternative infills. We also achieve the ideal infill level in relation to the fiber height. A-Turf systems have an industry-leading fiber face weight, resulting in fibers remaining upright and infill that stays in place better – improving playability and durability.

The installation.

We understand that having the greatest turf system in the world demands the best installation craftsmanship. That’s why we put so much emphasis on recruiting, training and retaining the best installers and service contractors in the business…and having a business model of being able to manage the right number of field projects to provide exceptional installation practices, step-by-step quality controls and over-the-top service on every project.

The warranty.

A-Turf offers an industry-leading 12-year warranty on its Titan system with a ShockPad or approved underlayment. That’s 4 years longer than other turf system warranties. That means you can amortize your capital expense over a longer period than with other turf systems. And it’s backed with an actual 3rd party insured warranty insurance policy for the maximum allowable duration of the warranty period (8 years). While some field builders try and pass off a certificate.


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