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A-Turf Synthetic Turf Athletic Field Builder

A-Turf removing old turf at Elizabethtown College for turf replacement

Turf replacement: If your artificial turf field is at the end of its useful life and the system is breaking down, take a careful look at A-Turf. Its systems are accompanied by the longest warranty and are out-performing other fields – well beyond 12 years!
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North Collins High School A-Turf field graphics

A-Turf® Titan is the industry’s ultimate synthetic turf surfacing system. It’s an amazingly plush, natural looking surface with outstanding performance attributes, the best safety rating and the longest and strongest warranty.
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A-Turf Synthetic turf

A careful comparison of all turf systems and an honest assessment of field builders will affirm that A-Turf is the best company and provides the greatest value. You’ll recognize it immediately and appreciate it over the years.
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